Color Play: June 25, 2015

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Color Play. I skipped last time, since it was my kids’ first week off of school and the hubby was out of town. But I’m happy to be back at it.

This week, my color inspiration is my daughter Lauren. Nearly thirteen, this girl is just coming into her own in her fashion choices. She had been begging dad to let her dye the tips of her hair blue and was allowed to once school was out. She is a wise, godly, brave, strong and beautiful girl and I am in awe of her.

A Day at the Lake_

This first picture is from our ill-fated first boat trip of the year. We got to the lake and realized the inner tube wasn’t inflated enough, then we ended up broken down in the middle of the lake (which I’m sure will be a funny story eventually).

But at least she looked adorable. I was inspired by how the colors in her bathing suit, top and hair worked so well together. And I love the pinks in that rose. A Day at the Lake Palette  Day at the Lake Bundle 1 Day at the Lake Bundle 2 Day at the Lake Bundle 3Next is just a snapshot of her in our yard. I think black, white and red are such classic, bold colors to wear, and wanted to play around with the addition of teal into that mix.    Lauren in Late June_Lauren in Late June Palette Late June Bundle 1Late June Bundle 3Late June Bundle 2

Thanks for joining me today, and happy sewing!


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