Tuesday Check-In: Compass Stars are Complete!

Ryan's Quilt

Oh my gosh you guys… I am FINALLY done paper piecing the compass stars for Ryan’s quilt! The blocks are 12 inches in a 4×4 grid. As you can see, I’ve also done the first border. I will be improvising these as I go, but I know there will be solid colors intermixed with pieced borders. It is now too wide to fit on my design wall, so from now on, all pictures of this quilt top will be at wonky angles or clipped to my fence!

Ryans Quilt Outside

Other than that there’s not much sewing happening around here. Last week was the first week of summer break and we’ve been doing a lot of work to the exterior of our house, so  my sewing to-do list is piling up! I’m hoping to get a little selfish sewing done this week, but I’ll share more about that next time.

This week, I’m linking up to:

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Happy sewing!



  1. This looks like so.much.work! But it is so very stunning!!
    I’m working on a tiny little FPP project (not a mini – just small, compared to a quilt…) right now, and already I am tired (again) of FPP. (and the blocks really are super simple for FPP…) I really want to like it, as there are so many quilts that I admire that are paper pieced, but I am always in too much of a hurry, I suppose, so FPP feels tedious : /


    1. Thank you, Tracy! FPP makes such pretty projects, but sometimes you do feel like you’re working forever for such small progress. Tedious is the perfect word! I’ve had to remind myself as I do this project that ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’. Keep at it, you’re going to be so proud when it’s done!


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