New Steps

It is with great joy that I let you know I will be moving into a new role in this amazing industry that I love. A few months ago, I was planning to continue teaching for another year or so while I waited to take over a local business when its owner retired. But God had other plans.

Serendipitously, as the door on that opportunity closed, a new option presented itself. An option that, looking back over my life and career, is such an ideal fit for me.

This month, I took over Stephanie Palmer’s role as the publisher of both The Quilter’s Planner and The Knitter’s Planner. I am excited for Stephanie as she explores new ways to bring beauty and joy into the world. I am excited for myself and so happy I said yes to this scary, wonderful, new adventure. And I am especially excited for the future of the company, to see all of the fun ways we can innovate and connect with both Planners’ creative communities.

If you want to continue to follow on my adventures, Instagram is probably the best way! You can visit my personal Instagram account, or either The Quilter’s Planner or The Knitter’s Planner accounts.

I hope to resume teaching group classes once I settle into a normal workflow, and will update here if I add any classes to my schedule.

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