My Work




Sister Sampler



Vintage Aprons









Fall Frequency Quilt         Pattern by Christa Watson

lorinda-logoHighland Tile for Quilt Theory   Photo: Michelle Bartolomew



Megan Tote


For Art Gallery Fabrics


Teetering (Mini Quilt)

LPP Sparkler Snuggles

Isaac’s Sparkler

aurel Poppy and Pine Farm Girl Vintage Quilt

Mom’s Chickens

Laurel and Pine Shimmer 1

Shimmer Quilt


Creamsicle Quilt

Creamsicle Quilt


Laurel and Pine Finished Baby Elephant Quilt

Baby Elephants

Laurel and Pine Scribble Quilt

Scribble Quilt

Jaxon Baby Quilt

Jaxon’s Quilt

Laurel and Pine Just in Time

Just in Time for Track Season

Lauren's Quilt

To Lauren

Laurel and Pine Fall Quilt

Fall Quilt

Rainbow Sparkler

Rainbow Sparkler

Rainbow Sparkler Quilt

Rainbow Sparkler

Rennie's Quilt

Roo Roo’s

My Blankie

My Blankie

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