Ava’s Quilt

Hi friends!

Just a quick little post to share a quilt I recently finished. This one is for a very special little baby in my life named Ava.

I chose the color palette to coordinate with her room based on the pictures her mom showed me while they were still expecting. It’s all very soft and floral and pretty. I don’t usually work with subdued colors, so this was a nice change for me!

When I was trying to decide on the pattern to use, I just kept coming back to a super simple, classic, checkerboard patchwork. I wanted that old-fashioned, ‘grandma’s quilt’ feeling.

The double almond shape in the quilting design also helps give it that classic feeling.

And of course, I chose a striped binding!

Sweet Ava’s big brother happened to be at my house when I took this quilt out of it’s first washing, so I made him be the one to hold it up for photos. My kids were happy to get a break from quilt-holding!

I hope she will get lots and lots of years of soft snuggles out of this quilt!

And I also hope you all are doing well. It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in! My arthritis has really slowed down my sewing, but I do have a few more finished projects to show you soon.

Happy sewing! ~Lorinda


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