Color: It’s All Relative Sample

Hi friends! I was sewing up a storm of class samples in September!

This project is a class sample for my Color: It’s All Relative! class. It’s a small quilt, finishing out at 48″ square. I finished the first quilt top just in time to present the content to a guild via Zoom in April.

I ran into some problems as I started planning the quilting on this. It’s such a high-contrast quilt, and I really wasn’t sure what thread color or quilting style I should do. I started with straight lines in a medium grey. Three lines in, I decided I hated it and pulled it out. Then I went for a swirl design. Still it was not quite what I was going for, but I thought if I added some more quilting to it, I could save it. I thought wrong. As a quilt for using, it was fine, as a class sample…. not so much. Never in my life have I ruined a quilt with the quilting, and I always tell my students that anything is recoverable… but for it’s intended purpose (showing the quilt top design) this quilt was ruined.

At this point, my best option was to finish this as a quilt to donate and start fresh for my class sample.

I decided this time on monofilament thread and wondered why in the world didn’t I think of that the first time?! I went with my original plan for straight lines, and am happy with how it turned out, in spite of some distortion from quilting. I feel like using spray basting would have helped, but I was all out and on a deadline.

I chose a cute multi-colored polka dot for a binding and love the way it brings it all together.

I will be teaching this class at Quilting Mayhem in November; visit my Group Classes page for more info!

Happy Sewing! ~L

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