Selfish Sewing and Another Quilter’s Project

This weekend, I did a few quick projects that I had been putting off for much too long. In the midst of all the WIPS, it’s been too easy to neglect some quick, little things that I could do to make my studio more joyful and efficient.

Since starting my quilting life a couple of years ago, I’ve been using the cheap little pincushions from the store and the plastic cover that came with my sewing machine. And I hate to admit that my ‘pressing board’ was simply a folded towel on my table. So it was definitely time for an upgrade!

I’m not usually into cutesy things, but I adore these little houses and flowers and had to use them in my studio!

Finished Sewing Room projects

The pressing board isn’t very visible, but i used Sharon Schamber’s Tutorial. One change I made was that I used a thinner wood material to make it more lightweight. I wanted a big board and I move it off the table a lot, so I really needed it to be light.

PincushionFor this, I used the Sprocket Pincushion pattern on Cluck Cluck Sew. It’s the first time I’ve ever made a pincushion, and I can see why people get so addicted! What a fun, easy and QUICK project! It originally had a lighter pink button that matched the houses background, but it was too pastel for me…. give me hot pink any day! After the instant gratification this project provided, I foresee many more pincushions in my future.

Sewing Machine Cover

Lastly, I made a proper sewing machine cover. I found the pattern here. Following the instructions to adjust the pattern for my machine was easy, but I think that because I was worried about making it too small, I erred on the side of making it a little too big. I think next time I make a cover, I’ll do one that’s pieced or a bit more structured, but I’m really happy with it!

Mel's Quilt Binding

Lastly, this week I’m working on the binding for another quilter’s project. One of my kid’s coaches has a family member going through cancer treatment, and another mom asked if I would be willing to help finish off this comfort quilt for them. I feel very honored to be asked and was happy to help. We will be trading off working on the binding during practices.  Since it’s not my work, I’m just going to be showing you the binding today!

I’m still working on my other WIPs, but am saving a progress report on those til next week.

This week, I’m linking up to:

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Happy Sewing!



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