Color Play: July 3, 2015

Sorry for the delay- there was BBQing and loving on friends to be done!

I only have one palette this week. I wanted to make this photo into some bundles, but I realized that I have an embarrassingly small number of low-volume fabrics. I gravitate to the bright ones, I suppose. Anyway, I didn’t think I could do those clouds justice with the colors I have.

Backyard Sunset

             So, I chose this photo for my inspiration. I’ve been waiting a couple of years for this hollyhock to bloom not knowing what color it would be. I can safely say that if I could have chosen ANY color, this would have been it. This beauty is over 6 feet tall and by my front door, so I’m so glad it’s a pretty color!


Hollyhocks Palette

Hollyhock Bundle 2Hollyhock Bundle 3Hollyhock Bundle 4Hollyhock Bundle 1


  1. Hi Lorinda! I reading your posts and I love your quilts and your blog is beautiful! Pinks and greens are so cute together, one of my favourite pair. Lovely fabrics! x Teje


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