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What I’m reading now

Here’s what’s been on my nightstand lately:

The One Thing

Ever had a book change your life? And then you apply the principles in the book and go around annoying everyone around you with the information? This is that book for me!

I first read through this a little over a year ago, and it totally rocked my world. I then skimmed through it one more time the same weekend underlining and taking more notes.

I am a super-distractable person, but the information presented here is really helping me to focus on what I want, define my priorities, and work on the most important things. I have spent a lot of time in the last year and a half reflecting and planning what I want my life to be. This book has really helped me take baby steps towards those goals.

I am reading it again to refresh and to learn things I may have missed a year ago. And it’s rocking my world all over again.

Ultimate Quilt Block Collection

A co-worker of mine bought this book and was saying how great it was, so of course I had to check it out! And I was not disappointed. Written by Lynne Goldsworthy, this baby has a ton of unique and beautiful skill-building blocks to choose from. It’s great for learning techniques as well as getting amazing inspiration.

I’ve only made one block from it so far, as I’m TRYING to finish WIPs before starting anything new. But I am looking forward to a possible sampler made with some of the blocks.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I am a nerd; I admit it. I love classic literature and classic Sci-fi is really fun! I had read this on my kindle before, but then my daughter brought this copy home from school. Her English teacher was giving away old books…. yes, please! I like always having some fiction nearby as a diversion before going to sleep, so this ended up on my bedside table. Reading the paper copy is so much better- there’s something amazing about that old book smell!

Now that I’ve finished it- I need a new fiction novel to read! Any suggestions?

I’d also love to hear about your favorite sewing books- I’m always looking for new techniques or inspiration!

Happy Sewing, ~L

What I’m working on this week

I’ve had a busy week getting this page organized and looking the way I want it to, buying the domain name, and setting up an email address. There’s still lots to be done, but I’m happy with where it’s starting!

I couple of weeks ago, I pulled out all my WIPs to get a really clear picture of what needs done.


That’s a lot of projects that need finished!

My main priority right now is to get my husband’s quilt finished. Originally, we were planning on it being a queen-sized quilt with 56 compass stars.  Well, one year later, I’m finding out just how very ambitious that was.  My attention span is just too short for that!  After talking it over with him, we came up with a new design idea. A 4X4 square of 16 stars framed out in a simple, modern medallion quilt.  He said he actually likes this design better because there’s a clear focal point.  Whether or not that’s true, I love him for saying so!  Nine stars down, seven to go. And, of course, the whole rest of the thing!


I found the pattern for this block here.

Last month, I joined my first quilt guild… very exciting!  Our next meeting is tomorrow, so I had to finish my name tag.  Now I need to stitch up a lanyard to coordinate.


Lastly, this week I’m going to plan and start the quilting on this baby quilt. (After a good starching and pressing! Yikes!)  I love the colors because they’re not overly girly. This one will be donated to the hospital through my guild.



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