Just a quick post today to show you a little bit of the embroidery I’ve been up to lately.

I have had this deer fabric for about 3 years and have been planning all that time to add a winter crown. I even had some of the leaves started, but the project just sat stagnant. I recently got it out of my embroidery bin and just went for it. With Christmas coming, I guess I just felt inspired! I added more leaves and some red roses.

With that one done, I decided to try a spring crown as well. I some lighter greens for the leaves and added a bunch of sweet flowers. I have one more usable deer on this fabric, so I think I’ll also make a fall one too. I don’t know yet what I am going to do with these guys, but I’m thinking if making a series of tiny wall quilts for my studio that I can change out throughout the year.

Recently at work, we got in Quantum by Guicy Guice. My coworker (who is an embroidery QUEEN) and I thought it was a perfect collection to do some stitching on.  This was a really fun little thing to stitch for a few days, but I’m honestly not sure what I’ll end up doing with it! I am looking forward to spending more time playing around with the designs in the Quantum collection.

Embroidery is something that I really enjoy doing, but just haven’t made the time to commit to a bigger project. It’s always just little bits of stitching here and there that end up in my drawer. BUT, I do I have something in mind for a project that will actually become a usable item, and I think that would help to get me going! Do any of you have a favorite embroidery project to inspire me along the way? I’d love to see!

Happy Sewing, ~L


  1. I’ve been making Barettes and brooches using felted wool sweaters found at the thrift stores. Roses and Poppies and fantasy flowers. Some of them have embroidery accents.


  2. I love those buck crowns and embellishing the printed fabric. ( Just remember–bucks shed their antlers so a spring buck is antler-less.)


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