Christmas sewing projects

I mentioned a while back that I had been a naughty quilter and was starting lots of new projects without finishing what I’ve already started. Many of those fun distractions were Christmas projects that I just HAD to do!

I recently picked up some Swell Christmas fabric at work. I love this collection; it is so retro-cute I can barely stand it. I decided to make myself a Christmas table runner so I could really enjoy the cute fabric up close all season. Originally, I was going to do a checkerboard patchwork of the Santas alternated with other fabrics from the collection placed randomly.  I cut my Santa squares and then promptly changed my mind (don’t you HATE that?!)

Instead, I decided to use the Shimmer pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew to make a few blocks that I would make into a runner. Unfortunately, the Santas were already cut too small to be the centers of those blocks! I regrouped and made a new plan. Here is what I ended up with:

There is big stitch hand quilting on there, but not much. I figured I could get away with minimal quilting as it will only get washed a few times a year at most.  I used Aurifil 12wt thread, which I am in love with for super visible and cute hand quilting.


It love it and think it ended up really cute.


But what to do with all the adorable Santa squares I had already cut out? I knew that my sister would love them as much as I did, so I decided she needed them in her life. I had enough of the red trees left over to add to the Santas and make a table runner for her too!


The back has a little surprise- the table runner is completely reversible. On the back (or front!), I appliqued my wish for a joyous season for my sister.


This was gifted mid-December so that she could have it out leading up to Christmas.



In the midst of all that, I also made this improv present block. It only measures 6 inches square, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet. Stay tuned!


And last but not least for the Christmas creating: I decorated my boy’s tree this year in a lot of red, yellow, and teal and decided that their red and green tree skirt would just not do. This new tree skirt was a really quick and easy project using 12 wedges cut with a wedge ruler and sewn together.  My youngest says the tree ‘looks like the circus’. I am choosing to believe that was meant as a compliment!


And a post about my Christmas season would not be complete without sharing a picture of this adorable little terror that my husband brought home. His name is Sparta and one of his favorite activities is playing in my trees. I think he loves that we’ve put up new ‘climbing toys’ all over the house for him with pretty lights and baubles to knock down. I have to admit, though: he’s pretty cute.



Happy sewing, ~L


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