Project Update

Something I’ve learned about myself between my last update and now: I would much rather start a new project than finish an old one!

Here is is an update on the projects I shared last time.


Blue Low- Volume: Absolutely no progress…. that’s a big fat, F for me!!


Champions: I’ve done only a little bit of hand quilting on this one since last time.


Lauren’s Patchwork: I added a couple of fabrics from the new collection Abbie. I knew as soon as it came into the shop that I needed to buy these. That is the wonderful (and terrible!) thing about working at a fabric shop- I see it all as it comes in and it’s very easy to ask a co-worker to set some aside for me!  All the squares are cut for this quilt, as well as a few extras. Lauren is home sick from school today, so she will be laying it out on the design wall for me and I’ll start assembling it as soon as she is happy with the layout.


Orange HST quilt: I decided that the reason the blocks were sitting so long on my design wall was because I obviously didn’t like the layout idea I had come up with. I needed to get this one moving, so I tried out a checkerboard design and it worked much better for me. The top is finished and ready to quilt.


I  currently have SIX tops waiting to be quilted (including the Orange HST, Scrappy Rainbow, and Kayak Point quilt tops I shared last time). I have found that I always get stopped up on the basting step. I just don’t like it- it’s my least favorite part of the process. So, in a little over a week, I will be taking the longarm class at work. It’s been something I’ve wanted to learn for so long and I am so excited!

In addition to trying to move these projects along, I started several other smaller projects, some of which I’ll share in a later post!

Happy Sewing! ~L


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