Pink Wonky quilt


As I mentioned yesterday, this week I finished up a quilt to donate through my guild. The pattern is a wonky variation of a log cabin variation that one of my guild members wrote up. So, a variation of a variation- fun!

I had been working on some blue, gray, and green low-volume blocks with my daughter and decided I wanted to play with some of my white, pink and yellow low-volume fabrics as well.  As for the quilts name, I know it isn’t completely pink, so calling it the Pink Wonky quilt is kinda weird.  But as I was working on it, needed a way to differentiate it from the bluish blocks I was working on with my daughter, so I called it the Pink Wonky and the name just stuck!

I chose to make my blocks wonky because, honestly, I thought it would be easier and faster than worrying about them being perfect and straight!

DSC_0983 (2)

For the quilting, I went with simple waves done diagonally across the quilt. I wanted to keep it soft and pliable for the recipient, so I resisted my urge to put in a ton of quilting.

DSC_0992 (2)

If you’ve been following for long, you know that bright and bold colors are my forte, but this exploration into low-volume fabrics was really fun!

Happy Sewing!  ~L


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