Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge Round 3

Here we are at Round 3 of the Stash Fabrics Design Star challenge. I really enjoyed seeing the remaining nine finalists’ interpretations of our challenge.

With this Round, we were tasked with creating a “Man Bundle”. We were asked if we dropped everything right now and made a quilt for a man in our life, who would it be and why?

I have made quilts for several wonderful men and boys in my life, and all those quilts were as varied and unique as the men I made them for. But I have noticed that many of those quilts have blue and/or green tones in them. I think it might be a Northwest thing. Trees, moss, water, sky… blue and green are everywhere I look, and I can’t help but be influenced by it.

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 I am currently finishing up two ‘man quilts’ for special guys in my life: one for my youngest son (using this Quilt Theory pattern) and one for my husband, and this bundle is a good blend of the styles of those two quilts. My husband’s quilt has lots of slate blue, navy and gray. My son’s quilt is brighter, with lots of blue, teal, and green.

DS Round 3

So I wanted something that was fun and colorful, but with a mellow side. This combination of vivid color and grayed-out beige was exactly what I was looking for. It reminds me of that peaceful moment on a hike when you’ve reached your goal and it’s time to turn back, but for a few moments you just sit and enjoy the view.  Those quiet bits of time in the midst of an adventure have been some of the best moments I’ve spent with the men I love most.

To vote for your favorite bundles, visit the Stash Fabrics Blog. You can vote once per day per device until the 13th.

Happy Sewing, ~Lorinda


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