Stash Fabrics Design Star Contest

<Happy dance, happy dance>

Oh, don’t mind me! I’m just over here doing my little happy dance because I’m SO THRILLED to be one of the twelve finalists for the 2017 Stash Fabrics Design Star Contest.

Stash Fabrics is an online fabric shop with tons of gorgeous modern quilting fabrics. They also carry a fabulous collection of threads and rulers, so they’re a great place to go to fill out your Christmas wishlist!

If you were a follower of mine back when I was doing Color Play Friday, you know that 1) I absolutely love putting together pretty bundles of fabric from an inspiration image or prompt, and 2) Using the Stash Fabrics Design Wall is one of my favorite ways to do so.

Without further ado, here is my bundle for Round Two:

LaurelPoppyandPine Design Star Round 2 Entry


Our challenge for this round was to design a bundle based on a chosen decade. I selected the 60’s for the wonderfully bright colors. The tailored outfits of the 60’s Mod style are gorgeous and glamorous, but the fact that they’re in such loud colors keeps them fun! The style is a great mix between 1950’s tailoring and 1970’s colors.

Before designing my bundle, I spent some time curating a 60’s fashion Pinterest Board for inspiration. As you can see, my color palette came straight out of 60’s teen fashion magazines!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Be sure to visit the post on the Stash Fabrics Blog and vote for your favorites. You can vote once per day per device until the 19th! 

Happy Sewing! ~L


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