Sewing Kit for Lauren

In a couple of weeks, my local high school will be putting on yet another amazing drama production (not that I’m biased or anything!). My daughter didn’t audition for this play, but is instead helping the costuming director with measuring students, making costume adjustments, and doing any needed repairs as the production goes on.

In order to be as productive as possible, I knew it would be helpful for her to have her own sewing kit backstage. That way, she wouldn’t be hunting down the costume director for thread or trying to find an extra pair of scissors while on a time crunch. And, of course, it gave me a good excuse to make something cute! I mean, why use a boring, store-bought bag when you can have a fun, custom one?

My first task was to find a bag pattern that would work for her needs. For that, I turned to my Instagram followers. They did not disappoint- there were a few really great suggestions. Ultimately, I decided the Sew Together Bag would be the best one for the job.  This thing really is so roomy! And I loved that there were lots of different compartments to keep all the little notions that she’ll be carrying.

Next step- fabrics! She chose this gorgeous Bari J Millie Fleur print for the exterior and several different gray solids for the interior pouches. Then she kicked it up a notch by choosing Cotton + Steel Sparkle Canvas for the binding. Because its canvas, it adds a lot of sturdiness to the bag, and because it’s glittery, it makes my heart happy.

The bag pattern was fun and fairly easy to assemble. There were a few times that I had to re-read instructions, but that is to be expected the first time making anything! Now that I’ve done it once, this will be a cinch next time I make it. (And I WILL make it again because I LOVE this pattern)

My final step, of course, was filling the kit with everything I thought she might need as a costuming assistant. I will admit, that I may have gone a little overboard here- I know the costumer will probably already have buttons- but I wanted her to have a complete kit for any future work she does too. Plus, it was fun!

Here’s what I put in the kit:



Pins in a pincushion

Masking Tape (for quick hems)

Seam ripper

Small ruler

Tailors Chalk

Bobbins (I did six with various colors of thread)

Safety Pins


Measuring Tape

Woven Elastic



Hook and eye closures

Interfacing scraps



In the future, I will probably also add a thimble and pinking shears. Oh, and maybe my Clover mini iron… yes, it actually fits in there!

Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sewing! ~L


  1. Wow – what a lucky girl Laurel is to have you for a mom and a “necessities” provider. Love the bag – and the choice of fabrics. All around spot on!


  2. I made that bag also. After I used it for awhile I added handles (made from extra bias binding ) to the top.
    I didn’t like having to carry it like a football tucked under my arm
    When I used the loose zipper part to carry with a couple of fingers I dropped things out a few time
    Handles on top and it’s perfect

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  3. The bag looks great! You’ve combined two things into one: a sewing kit and a “backstage emergency repairs kit.” Regardless of what she will use it for, you should definitely add a notepad/book or paper, and a pencil. Also a flash light either an AA size mag lite or a small LED one. Not sure what the cool kids are using these days. If she’s working back stage either make sure she can hold the flash light in her teeth or put it on a lanyard around her neck. And have fun!

    Also, what’s the show?

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