What I’m up to This Week

Hi guys! I hope everyone’s summer is treating them well. Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we’re getting a little break in the middle of a long stretch of hot weather. I’ve been enjoying the heat, but it sure does suck my motivation for working with fabric!

 I did manage to (almost) finish one of my WIPS this week. I just need to hand stitch that binding up and it’ll be ready to go. I love the DESIGN of this one, but there were some technical difficulties that made it hard to want to finish it.

Laurel and Pine Elephant Baby Quilt

Several months ago, I decided it was time to get rid of or use all the cheap fabric I bought when I first started quilting, and this project was born. I took all the cheaper fabrics that went well with the elephants, donated everything else and started to work.

I cut, pieced, basted and started quilting. At first, I was using a disappearing ink pen to mark some quilting lines. I dabbed it with water to get rid of my marks and……..that’s when THIS happened.

Laurel and Pine Elephant Close Up


I should have just donated this fabric, apparently. Major bummer. I had to put the quilt away for a while. I was really bummed.

But, I made a commitment to myself to finish some WIPs before I cut into any more fabric. So my plan is to finish this one, wash it with a color catcher or two and pray fervently that it doesn’t get totally destroyed!

Now, I have to say that this quilt wasn’t a total bummer! I’m very excited about the way the border quilting looks, especially at the intersections.

Laurel and Pine Elephant Quilt Close-up

I embroidered a couple of the elephants.  I love the designs on these.

Laurel and Pine Embroidered Elephant

And the horizontal striped binding made me so happy, I went crazy and made another 600+ inches of it! It’s my favorite thing to come out of this whole project. I’ll be using this for my son’s quilt and will still have enough for baby quilt or two!

Laurel and Pine Striped Binding

Lastly, I know I promised an update on Ryan’s quilt, but I was stuck all week making a decision about the next border. I’ve made a choice and will be going for it this evening.

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Happy quilting!  ~L


  1. I hate it when fabric bleeds! So frustrating. I love your quilting. it’s so fun and whimsical–Totally fits with the quilt. And I absolutely love the elephant! Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    I’ve donated my cheaper quilting fabric (also from when I first started quilting and didn’t understand fabric quality) to my kids who want to learn to quilt.


  2. Oh, man… I hope the Color Catchers work. Love your quilting and that embroidery was a really nice touch. Got my fingers crossed that it will all work out in the wash!


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