Quilt Top Finish!


This week I finished the top of Ryan’s quilt! You can see previous posts about this quilt herehere and here.

Lap Ryans Quilt 2Lap Ryans Quilt

LaP Ryans Quilt Barn

The quilt measures 80×92 inches and will go on our bed.

Lap Ryan's Quilt 3

LaP Ryans Quilt Stained Glass

That center section took so long, that it was shocking to me how fast the borders went together. Originally, I had planned to do several pieced borders to frame out the compass stars, but as I started working on it I realized that simple was going to look best.

Lap Ryan's Quilt Sunset

Lap Ryans Quilt Detail

Lap Ryans Quilt Fence

LaP Ryans Quilt Fence 3

Lap Ryans Quilt Fence 2

The night I finished it I totally cried. I poured a lot of love into this one. I’ll be piecing a back soon and researching longarmers in my area.  This will be the first quilt that I send out for quilting and I’m pretty nervous about it.

LaP For Keeps Blocks

Another thing I did this week was these cute Home is Where the Heart is Blocks. I got these after taking Amy Gibson’s For Keeps Pledge. It’s a nice commitment to more mindful sewing. Amy is taking donations and will be making these blocks into quilts for an organization called People Comforters of Evergreen, Colorado. I will be sending them out soon.

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    1. I’m glad you like it! I thought the original was totally amazing, but it’s always fun to make something your own. My husband had a big part in choosing the colors and design.


  1. What an amazing quilt – and such lovely photos of it! Hope you find a long armer you are happy with.


    1. Thank you! I’m so thankful for my husband and teen son who were willing to help me get these photos. I’m glad you stopped by the blog, and thanks for taking the time to comment!


    1. Thanks! I love that stained glass look! When we were doing the pictures, my poor husband and son were carrying this huge, awkward quilt top around. When I glanced over and saw the sun shining through it like that, I was like, “Stop right there! Hold it up!” It’s a good thing they understand my brand of crazy.


  2. Gorgeous finished top!! The piecing is incredible! I’m hoping to make a few more “Home” blocks before mailing them out too. What a great charity project!


    1. Thank you! I’m going to be making more of the Home blocks too, but in the aqua and coral colorway. I have tons of aqua and coral in my stash, but I wanted to stretch myself and see what I could come up with in navy and mustard. Thanks for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment!


  3. What a beautiful quilt. I can only image how much time those blocks took to piece. The picture with the sun shinning through the quilt makes it look like a big stained glass window, just gorgeous.


    1. Thank you, Tish! The stained glass window was exactly the effect I was going for. I love the look of sun shining through a quilt top and you can see all the seam allowances.


  4. Its done! And its crazy amazing!! My favorite long arm quilter is in Oklahoma, if you wanted to ship that far. 🙂 The new shop in Snohomish is having a long arm class and offering people to rent their machine if you wanted to have at it yourself.


    1. Thanks, Trina! I do want to rent out the machine at some point, but I’m not going to trust myself to do this one! I’ll probably do a wholecloth quilt on my first go at the long arm. Less emotional investment!


  5. That is just amazing amount of work in each block. Is it paper-pieced? I am sure I am never going to make that one, I’ll get burned-out. So hats off to you.
    The house blocks – now that is my kind of quilt – quick and happy.
    Also wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment on my “Homeful” quilt


    1. Yes, the compass blocks are paper pieced. Each one is 12 inches. And I improvised the border, which is why the border of squares doesn’t line up exactly. When I was putting this together, I would take breaks from it to make simple quilt tops or small projects just to break the monotony!


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