Catching Up

Well, hello there.

I would start with an apology for not writing, but it seems rather silly, don’t you think?

It’s been over seven months since I posted any content here on the blog….. 224 days to be exact.

224 days of other priorities, of not writing, of wondering what to write about, of questioning IF I wanted to write at all, and then wondering if it was just too late to start again at all.

But I think I’ve figured it out. I thought I’d start with a hello and go from there. Thought I might tell you about what I’ve been up to and what is next for me… sound good?

So, for my quilty friends who don’t follow over on IG, here is my 2018 so far:

I went job hunting. I spent the first couple months of the year updating my resume and looking for a part time job. The kids are teenagers now, and it just seemed like it was time. For someone who has done only volunteer work for years, it was a very humbling experience convincing someone to hire me so I could prove I’m awesome.

I went to QuiltCon. I took some fun classes and it was wonderful to meet quilty friends in real life. I’m sure you all got fabulous QuiltCon recaps at the time, so I won’t bore you with the details!

I got a job! I started working as an associate for Kate Spade, and absolutely fell in love with sales. I have always told people that I’m ‘not a salesperson’. Turns out, what I meant was ‘I hate high-pressure, smarmy sales’. I am actually a really great sales person, and I love doing it as long as I believe the product is a great fit for my client. And speaking of great- look at all the amazing poppy stuff I got recently!

I got hurt. I’m getting old, y’all. I took a nasty fall working at one of my sons’ band events, and messed up my knee and ankle. There were some underlying problems with my knee and foot on that side already, and I’m not 20 anymore, so recovery took longer than I thought it should. My physical therapist is my new best friend, though, and has been super helpful, so things are looking up.

I did the 100 day challenge. For 100 (mostly consecutive) days, I got myself outdoors and took photos of my surroundings. I learned more about photography (hubby got me a great camera during the challenge), and really enjoyed seeing the progression of the seasons during that 100 days. I’m already thinking about what my next challenge could be.

I made some things. Not nearly as many things as I would have liked. There were whole weeks that I didn’t even walk into my studio, and I really felt like I was in a creative funk. But I did keep plugging away and creating, even if it was in spurts. Here is a sampling from my Instagram.




I got a different job! Having my job be completely removed from my quilty endeavors has been a bit odd for me. Scheduling for retail can be a beast, and my focus was honestly drawn away from all things sewing. Maybe I’m just not good at having my attention divided. That being said, I recently accepted an offer to come work at my very favorite quilt shop! I’m really looking forward to the new inspiration being there brings… I am so ready to be drawn out of the creative rut!

So there you are- my last 224 days in a nutshell. Moving forward, I hope to be a little more productive in terms of projects. I hope to expand my content to include some of my other hobbies. I’ll probably also be seeking out some more opportunities to teach and design. And I’m planning on being a little more active here and on my Twitter and Facebook. So thanks for sticking it out with me for all those months of silence, friends. I’m looking forward to the fun things to come!

Happy Sewing,



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