Blogger’s Quilt Festival- By Your side Quilt

It’s time again for The Blogger’s Quilt Festival hosted by Amy’s Creative Side. It’s such a fun thing to get to see what everyone’s been making this year!

My first entry is my By Your Side Quilt. It was my second pattern for Quilt Theory.


photo by Michelle Bartholomew

I designed this quilt to honor the friendships in our lives and all the ‘links’ that bind those friendships together. You can read more about the inspiration here.

I am absolutely in love with the fabrics in this quilt. I used RJR solids combined with five Cotton + Steel Basics, which are pretty much my favorite thing ever.


photo by Michelle Bartholomew

I had lots of fun quilting this one with some meandering lines that let the quilt design shine. I have a friend who lovingly calls this ‘drunk quilting’. Whatever you call it, I really dig the texture it creates!


photo by Michelle Bartholomew

This quilt has found a comfy home on the couch at my new house. I love that it has become a focal point in the room.

Thank you for stopping by! Tomorrow I will share one more quilt for the festival that is completely different than this one, but also holds a very special place in my heart.

Happy Sewing, ~L




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