Checking in

The word ‘busy’ for the most part annoys me and stresses me out. That being said, I can honestly say that my life has been very FULL lately! In case you haven’t been keeping up to speed on Instagram, here is a (hopefully) quick recap of what’s been going on in my life since I last posted.


First off, we finished packing up our house in preparation for our move. I really didn’t think I had that much stuff, but when you have to put everything you own in boxes…. well, apparently I DO have lot of stuff after all.

Four years ago, we promised our kids that we would travel to Oregon for the solar eclipse because my husbands hometown was in the path of totality. Now, at the time we didn’t know that 1) Nearly everyone else in the world was planning the same thing and 2) We would be moving the week after. We decided to go anyway because we wanted to visit Ryan’s grandmother (seated, with the patchwork quilt) who had been very sick. I am so glad we went, because she sadly passed away two weeks after this picture was taken. I am so glad we had that time with her and got to experience something so amazing together. She told me this one was “much better than the one is ’79” because there were no clouds blocking the view. It was a truly profound thing to see.

Our trip home was an adventure as well. Traffic was terrible, so we went off our route and came north along the Oregon coast. We stopped at a couple of beaches along the way to play in the sand and surf.





After getting home, I finished the Kayak Point quilt, my latest pattern for Quilt Theory. I took it for a quick photo shoot at (where else?) Kayak Point, the beach it was named after. I can only show you the dock today, but the pattern is coming out next month and I’m so excited to show you! The following weekend, my family took a day trip across the mountains to bring the quilt to Michelle so it could be photographed.




Then it was time to say goodbye to our old home and say hello to our new one! Ryan and I were so happy to sign the paperwork! We have a family tradition of camping out on the floor the first night we get keys to a new house and moving the following day. Our first dinner was Chinese takeout on the floor- very fancy!


The old studio all cleaned out

A week after moving in, it was time for the kids to go back to school! Getting back into a routine has been really nice!


First day of school


At that point, things were feeling pretty hectic, so took some time out for bunny snuggles and to enjoy the scenery at the new house.


I also took a little time to look at the fabric swatches from my past designs, take stock, and think about what to work on next. I decided to finish the collection with the cute little bees. Being in the forest is inspiring all sorts of new ideas, so I bought a new sketchbook just for that collection and have started compiling those ideas. It’s going to be cute!


Last Friday, I decided it was time to ease back in to my studio by sorting all my scraps! I also got some super happy mail. My Highland Tile quilt– my pattern from the first Quilt Theory collection, came back to me! It had been over a year since I saw it.

Over the weekend, it was time to put my focus back on the house. We have A LOT of branches and logs on the ground in the forested parts of out yard, so we spent the day chopping, clearing, and stacking up wood.  We still have so much more to go, but made a pretty good dent in it!

Last but not least, I ended out my weekend with some free motion quilting on a quilt I’ve been working on forever. I have about a million WIPs, so I’m really going to be working hard in the next few months to finish a bunch of things… hoping to have plenty of quilts to give away for Christmas!

So there you have it- the last month of my life! I’ll keep you updated as I (hopefully) bust out these WIPs over the next few months.

Happy sewing! ~L


  1. I’m so glad you were able to go and visit with Ryan’s grandmother and see the eclipse; that was a very full time of your life. Congratulations on so many milestones, and I hope that you continue to settle in and find a happy new rhythm. I’m looking forward to seeing some finishes! 🙂


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