Color Play Friday: Willy Wonka and Fun in the Sun

Good morning!

(or afternoon or evening depending on where you are!)

Now that I’ve moved a lot of the Color Play Friday activity to Instagram, I completely spaced off posting it here last week! So today you get a bonus with both last week and this week’s bundles.

First off: Fun in the sun

This one was all about summer gardening for me! I chose the floral first, then added in lots of bright, sunny blenders to coordinate.

And this week’s theme: Willy Wonka

I thought for sure I would do lots of bright colors again this week, but when I started looking at movie stills for inspiration, what stood out to me was Gene Wilder’s amazing costume in the original movie. Something about that brown top hat and purple velvet coat just spoke to me. Maybe because I knew it would bring me a challenge.

I don’t have many browns in my stash. Finding modern browns that I love is really tough. And then couple it with purple, which is one off my favorite colors…. well, let’s just say that the purples saved me this week!

In fact, my favorite bundle of the group was this all-purple one.

Here are the other ones I came up with:


And here’s our theme for next week:


With all the blue tones in my stash, next week should be much easier!

Happy Sewing! ~L

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