What’s Up Wednesday: WIPs

Hi friends; happy Wednesday!

My house finally went on the market this week! So although that means the house projects are done (Thank God!), it also means keeping my studio fairly tidy in case someone wants to drop in and take a look at the place!

So, this week instead of getting elbow deep in big projects, I decided to pull out a couple of smaller WIPs to finish up.

First on the list was this adorable Forest Abstractions Field Mouse from Violet Craft. Her patterns are so adorable, and this FREE little block is no exception!

It feels like forever ago that I first started this block for my daughter’s room. I know it was at least a year ago.

Last September, I finally finished the block with the intention of framing it to go on her wall. And then it sat on my shelf for another nine months. Oops.

Well, today I finally just bit the bullet and made it into a throw pillow cover. All those months sitting there, and it only took like 10-15 minutes to turn it into a finish. I feel a little sheepish about that!

It’s super cute sitting on her bed, and I’m so glad it’s finally seeing the light of day.

The second thing I’ll be working on this week is making some more pink and teal hexies for a couple of baby quilts I have planned. It’s an easy project to take with me when I get booted out of my house for a showing!

I hope you enjoy your week and that you make lots of progress on your own WIPs!

Happy Sewing, ~L


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