Color Play Friday: EPP on the Beach

Today is an exciting day! As of this morning, Quilt Theory has launched our second collection! I’ll be sharing more about my quilt next week, but in the meantime, head over to the Quilt Theory website to see the collection.


Ok, on to the business at hand!

If you’re new to Color Play Friday, welcome! This is my fun way of taking a little time each week to expand my color knowledge and fabric-selection skills. Often, a picture will take me completely out of my comfort zone and force me to combine fabrics in a new way.

 You can head over to my Color Play Friday page to see the rules and my palettes and bundles from previous weeks. You can also search #colorplayfriday on Instagram to see lots of palettes and bundles from the past! If you’d like to know more about participating in Color Play Friday, please feel free send me an email and I’ll let you in on all the details of how to join.

This photo is one from Trina and is the first time fabric is actually featured in the inspiration image! Because it’s all Cotton and Steel fabric and because my new Quilt Theory pattern used Cotton and Steel Basics, I decided to go all Cotton and Steel again today.

(If you visit Sarah at 123Quilt, you’ll see that she did the exact opposite!)

 My only rule was that I couldn’t use any of the fabrics from the original photo.

EPP at the Beach

As you can imagine, finding fabrics to coordinate with the photo was fairly easy, but I wanted my bundle to have a northwest feel. I mean, there is a ferry boat in the background of the picture, after all!  All the blue tones, trees, and flowers remind me of summer camping here in the PNW.


Here are the fabrics I chose:

Cotton and Steel Basics, XOXO in Night Owl

Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kujira and Star, Sea Urchin in Marine

Rashida Coleman-Hale, Lil Monsters, Shattered in Aqua

Kimberley Kight, Rotary Club, Facets in Blue Green

Sarah Watts, Cozy, Neighbor in Mint

Alexia Marcelle Abegg, Printshop, Meadow in Citrus


A note about scale:

  • While I believe scale is a very important part of fabric selection, the fabrics shown in my Color Play images are not always perfectly to scale. I do my best, by you should always double check scale before ordering!

Oh, I just love this next photo! This was the day I got to cross the #1 item off my bucket list with my mom and sister by my side. More on that next week!

Hot Air Baloon

I hope you can join us next week!

Happy Sewing, ~L


  1. Lol. I love that we did the opposite this week. Also, I think you nailed the PNW feel with your bundle. 🙂


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