What’s Up Wednesday (Thursday edition)

Hi friends!

I realized this week that so much of what I share on other social media platforms (*cough* Instagram *cough*) never shows up here on my blog.

In an effort to keep ALL my followers updated on what I’m up to, I’ve decided to add a weekly “What’s Up Wednesday” post. You may have noticed it’s Thursday… but I’m going to post anyway because I feel like it! Better late than never.

It might be updates on current projects, things I’m excited about that week, or just pretty quilty pictures, but the goal is to start sharing all my day-to-day quilty fun here on the blog so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Last Wednesday, I attended my monthly Snohomish Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It was a fun one because we had our bi-annual auction AND got to show our entries for an ugly fabric challenge.

The auction runs for about an hour. Items are numbered and you put raffle tickets in a corresponding-numbered bag. I usually am the chairperson for the auction, but stepped down for this round because of all the house repairs I’m doing right now. I did still participate in the committee, though and got to help hand out prizes as numbers were called, which is always exciting and fun!

Here are my winnings from the auction. I think i did pretty well!

img_2957  img_2935

All the money raised goes into the guild. We are a newer guild, so every dollar counts!

At the same meeting, we got to show our entries for our Ugly Fabric Challenge.  At the start of the Challenge, we each brought a fat quarter of fabric that we deemed ‘ugly’. In my opinion, many of the fabrics were beautiful… but beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, especially where fabric is concerned!

My fabric was burnt orange trees on a cream background with gold metallic leaves… certainly out of my comfort zone.  When I first started, I kept getting caught up on how to incorporate trees into my design until I finally decided to scrap the trees altogether and cut the fabric into cream and burnt orange strips. If you cut any fabric small enough, you can lose the pattern altogether!


Since had just taken a weaving class with Mister Domestic and was cutting one-inch strips from my fabric, AND my weaving just so happens to use one inch strips…. well, it seemed like a perfect fit.


I opted for an off-center, improved X design. It ended up looking like a couch that I had when I was a kid, and I’m not even mad! It was so fun to make this, probably because it’s SO FAR out of my norm.  I sort of love it and sort of hate it at the same time.


As for other sewing, this week I’m working on testing out some ideas for a future project, which requires a lot of thinking, cutting, sewing, re-thinking, and more sewing.  It’s tedious, but I know it’ll be worth it!


So, that’s what I’m up to- what’s going on in your sewing studios this week?

Happy Sewing, ~L


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