Seeing the Future

“I’m just not creative.” We all hear this from time to time- not usually in the crafting community- but from friends, family members or acquaintances…. and usually it’s when we’ve mentioned what it is we do with our time.

Honestly, it drives me crazy when people say it.

I have a friend who insists she’s not got a creative bone in her body. I tell her she may not be ARTISTIC, but it’s my opinion that we’re all creative. Every single one of us.

  I believe we were made to create.  

It could be a quilt… a piece of art.. a song… or a sermon. You can be creative in how you organize your pantry… or your schedule. You can manage employees creatively, or teach a class in a way that is new and exciting for your students.

I think the heart of creativity is seeing potential in a place where others see none. It’s our way to see the future- what COULD be.  It’s finding a solution- even when a problem doesn’t exist!

Creativity comes from looking a little longer, spending some time and not throwing out an idea just because it’s ‘crazy’, or ‘not much, or ‘stupid’. It could be that you just need time with it to make it into something great.


‘Crazy’ color combos become striking quilts.




My daughter’s graph paper explorations = possible quilt patterns

Stupid doodles = future fabric designs


Let me encourage you to draw some ‘stupid’ doodles today, try some improv sewing, or take a closer look at your garden… especially the ‘unpretty’ parts. Then take the time to play with those ideas, change them, and make them into something that’s uniquely, amazingly yours.



Speaking of seeing the future… here’s one of my fun upcoming projects!

When I look at this stack of fabrics, here is what I see:


I see my niece this coming July, nine months pregnant, touching this quilt and imagining wrapping her baby boy up for snuggles…

I see him this coming winter bundled up in his car seat with it while running errands…

I see him at one year old sitting on it in my sister’s yard while Mama feeds him a picnic…

I see him at three dragging it behind him while he tears around the house…

I see countless snuggles, kisses and lullabies…

I see Mama washing it and packing it up when he’s outgrown it…

And I (hopefully) see him pull it out as a young man and know that his great Auntie loves him very, very much.


This may not come to pass as I imagine it, but because I am choosing to make this quilt, it COULD.

So I guess that’s my point.

Happy Sewing, ~L


  1. I love the future you see for your great nephew’s quilt. I love the idea of a quilt being loved in all the different stages of life. Also, I have to see that I was thrilled to see your daughter’s graph paper doodles. It took me back to 20 years ago when my math notebook was filled with more doodles than homework, lol.


  2. Hi Lorinda, I was just going through all the blogs for our Miss-Bee Hivin’ group and realized I had not followed everybody. Quickly rectified that situation. I REALLY enjoyed this post. I absolutely agree with you that we were made to create. Even an organized pantry is a work of art in its own way. Your view of the future tugs at the heartstrings. Wonderful to imagine.


  3. Great post Lorinda! I too find it hard to hear people say they are not creative …. we do all create. I love your daughter’s graph paper drawings … I was immediately drawn to the four blocks on the right and have already worked out how to make the block – inspiration strikes everywhere!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful thoughts!
    I love the future of your quilt. I too play out those moments in my head when making a special quilt for someone. It adds the love to the gift.


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