Happy Spring Market- Secret Quilt

I can finally show the secret project I was working on last month!  Here is the quilt I made for AGF as part of a group of scrappy denim quilts for their Market booth.


I was sent the denim and cotton scraps and left to my own devices.  I wanted to show how well the quilting cottons work with the AGF denim, so I decided on small patchwork sections set into a background of denim. The patchwork sections contain denim as well.

IMG_7564_2(There is one denim print that drove me crazy. Can you find it? It’s like a wonky checkerboard, and no matter how straight my piecing was, it still looked off!!  In the future, I would use that one for garments!)

I went with a thinner batting than normal and quilted it like crazy in order to make a thin quilt that I would use for a beach day.  AGF is based in Florida, so I just kept thinking about Florida beaches as I made this.

I used several shades of blue, white and yellow for the quilting. I love the quilting on this, but I did get more wonkyness on the patchwork sections than I wanted. I do like how the quilting creates almost a wave design on the denim sections. I would love to try this quilting design on a whole cloth denim quilt….. Someday!  Lol




I pieced the backing from my scraps and made a scrappy binding. I wanted to really bring home that ‘casual beach weekend cottage’ feel by making it scrappy and unplanned.



I had fun ripping and fraying the denim for the quilt’s label.  It reminded me of being a teen and cutting off and fraying my jeans into shorts when summer finally rolled around.



If you are at Quilt Market and want to see it, you can go to the denim display at the AGF booth. It’s in a basket with several other denim scrap quilts!

Happy Sewing!  ~L


  1. Lovely job Lorinda! One of my little pipe dreams is to sew samples for a fabric company. I think it would be a fun challenge.


      1. I have done a bit of pattern testing. I have decided to take on projects that really interest me vs testing everything I come across. These are long term goals, something to work towards.


  2. Hi, I am a new follower and had to comment. What a lovely quilt…. loving the denim and cotton combo and great quilting too😀. Ab fab…. hugs from the UK xx


  3. Hi Lorinda, I am a new follower.. what a great quilt, loving the denim and cotton combo. Fabulous quilting too. Hugs from the UK xx


  4. Hello Lorinda! I’m a new follower….once I saw your quilt, I had to see more! Your quilt definitely has a South Florida vibe to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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