Mighty Lucky Quilting Club: Teetering

As you know, this is a year of joining for me, and one of the things I signed up for this year is the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. Each month, we have a different instructor who sends out a lesson and a challenge on the first of the month. We also get a mid-month check-in with encouragement, extra tips, and answers for questions they’ve received.

This months challenge was Minimalist Improvisation from Season Evans.

I didn’t get going on this challenge until halfway through the month, just because I was busy with other things. I don’t shy away from improv or a challenge, but I did have a hard time using no color and all solids. As you can see, I decided to make my focal fabric a print, although a very simple one.

Another strange part for me was cutting with my scissors instead of the ruler and rotary cutter. It made perfect, straight lines nearly impossible, but I guess that’s the point!


The impression I wanted to give on this one was of things being impossibly balanced and everything being just a bit off kilter. I put a lot of my own busy, stressed, ‘balancing my life’ emotions into this quilt, so I was glad to have it done.

I’ll be putting it away for a while until I can appreciate it for what it is and not think about what I wish I had done differently or better on it. I really do love the look of it, but the first time you try something new, you learn so much about making it better the next time around. That’s why I’m so glad I’m doing these challenges: to stretch and grow and try things that are just a bit out of my comfort zone.

Thank for stopping by, and happy sewing! ~L

One comment

  1. I really do love the look of this, too! I feel your balancing act. It’s probably just me superimposing my own feelings of life right now, but it seems to me that this is like a snapshot taken the instant everything busts out of balance, just before crashing to the floor. Those pieces to the right look like they are bursting off. Can you guess what kind of a few days it’s been for me?! Ha. Great job, Lorinda. And I love the close quilting.


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