Farm Girl Vintage Finish

Hi folks!  I’ve been meaning to write a post on this quilt all week! Since it’s Friday night, I figured I should get it done before the weekend.

aurel Poppy and Pine Farm Girl Vintage Quilt

This Farm Girl Vintage quilt was made for my mom for Christmas. I cut it really close, stitching up the binding on Christmas Eve!

This isn’t a normal palette or style for me, but I knew my mom would love the adorable chicken blocks.  The palette was drawn from her home decor and conversations about the colors she wanted to focus on most. I didn’t follow a layout plan for this one, but just placed my finished blocks on the design wall and filled in the negative space with low volume prints.


One of my favorite blocks was the tractor block… it was the first one I made.


I made a pieced backing that I fell in love with. I think the backing fits my style a lot more than the front does! For the quilting, I chose to do a really big loop-de-loop design. This quilt is made for snuggling on the couch, so I wanted to keep it poofy by doing minimal quilting.



I opted for a solid black binding.  Without a set grid, and with so much going on in the blocks and layout, I felt like it needed a really strong frame visually to contain everything.



My mom let me know this week that she’s been snuggling up in her chair with her quilt every night since Christmas. And that’s the very best review I could have ever gotten!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. In case you missed it on my Best of 2015 post, here is a picture of my parents getting their Christmas quilts.


 You can see a post about my dad’s quilt here. 

Happy Sewing!  ~L

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