Black and White Sparkler Progress


Hi friends!  It’s been forever since I’ve given you a progress update on this quilt. I had to set it aside for a while while I waited on some fabric.

Laurel and Pine Sparkler in Process

Here’s the story: my Joann’s has a limited selection of Kona cotton that I like to buy using my 50% off coupons. It’s a total steal that way, if you want one of the colors they have. I bought a half yard of Kona Charcoal to see if it was going to be a good match for this quilt.  It was, and I was thrilled and started piecing blocks, planning on heading back there the following week to buy the remainder of what I needed. Well, when I went back…. you guessed it: out of stock. So I waited, and waited…

Laurel and PIne Sparkler up CloseUnfortunately, that was about the time that the Seahawks fabrics were getting put out and someone at Joann’s decided that Kona Coal was a perfect Seahawks grey. That meant bolts and bolts and BOLTS of Coal and no Charcoal. I swear I’m not bitter about the whole thing, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look at Kona Coal the same way.

Eventually, I got over the idea of getting it half off and ordered online. It arrived super quickly, and I was able to get going right away.

This is the Sparkler pattern from Freshly Pieced.

I’ve changed up this pattern a bit to play with the tesselation deisgn. I’ve got a few more four-piece blocks to finish, then it should come together really quickly.

 Laurel and Pine Sparkler Four Piece section

I’ll be on Periscope later today to show the Sparkler Quilt and give a quick tutorial on how I made my design wall. If you’re not on Periscope yet, you should be! Come on over to Periscope and follow me @laurelandpine for some inspiration and behind-the-scenes of my fiber adventures!

Also, I wanted to give you a quick update on the Quilt of Champions. I’ve finished the binding, have bought a quilting hoop, and will be starting the hand quilting soon.

Laurel and Pine Champions Quilt Binding

And can I say that the lime green in this quilt makes it a bit of a beast to photograph!? I swear it doesn’t look this blue in real life!

I’ll be checking in later this week to talk more about my current embroidery project.

Happy Sewing!, ~L

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  1. Your Sparkler quilt looks fabulous, Lorinda. I had the same thing happen when I made my Dog Gone Cute quilt. Only it was I looking for more Kona Coal. Hahahaha! Lovely work on that Quilt of Champions, too. Can’t wait to see how you finish the quilting!


  2. I commend you on working with all that black fabric. I love black in my quilts but I’m finding it hard to sew these days. I guess I better get my eyes checked! Sparkler is going to be wonderful and Quilt of Champions is amazing.


    1. I didn’t check dye lots, but the color is so dark that even if they weren’t a perfect match, it wouldn’t be noticeable. Fortunately, they look identical! Thanks for stopping by!


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