UFO Challenge progress- January

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my list for this years All People Quilt UFO Challenge.

I got pretty down-to-the-wire finishing the Improv blocks quilt top, but I did it!

At the start of the month, I had just one improv block done and a general idea in my head of what the layout should be. As I finished up my blocks, I decided they would have more visual impact placed on point, which changed the layout completely from my original plan. As always when creating, staying flexible is key!

Because I was in a rush to finish it before the end of the month, I had some technical problems with ‘bubbling’ from bias stretching. Honestly, though, I’m ok with that! I would never have finished this quilt top this month if it hadn’t been for the challenge of a deadline. Done is better than perfect. Plus, I plan on quilting it fairly heavily which will work out some of the bumps I got from letting my bias stretch. I will be gifting this quilt later in the year, so for now it’s going to hang out in my studio as an unfinished top!

I also finished one of my bonus projects this month! I am planning a workshop soon to teach By Your Side and was rewriting a few things on the pattern (quilt math for the background, mostly!). I decided to do up a top following the changes so I would have a sample that reflected them. And since all my bonus slots are for that pattern, it was a win/win situation!

This will be used as a sample for my class and then eventually gifted to a friend.


I’d say so far the UFO challenge has been a success! I am already well on my way to getting February’s project done too.

Happy Sewing, ~L

All People Quilt UFO Challenges

Here I go again with the joining things- what has happened to me this year?! I decided it would be a good idea for me this year to do the All People Quilt  2020 UFO challenge. The great part about this one is that it doesn’t add any actual projects to my list, it just encourages me to finish things I already have planned. My LQS has their own drawings as well for customers who are doing the challenge.

So, in order to keep myself accountable to you as well, here is my list for the year and my starting point for each project.

1- Sister Sampler Quilt: This is a quilt top waiting to be quilted, bound, and gifted. I want to gift it in September, so if this number doesn’t come up before then, I’ll have to finish it early.

2- Crazy Blocks Quilt: I only had one of six improv blocks done and had no idea how to lay them out. This is January’s project, so I have been working on it this week. I want a finished top by the end of the month and expect to gift this in October.

3- Low-Volume Patchwork quilt: This is a quilt top for my daughter that just needs completed.

4- Full-sized quilt for Nathan: I have nothing done on this other than knowing my son wants a larger quilt than what’s on his bed right now. I have not even chosen a color palette. Whatever month this gets drawn in is going to be busy! I hope to have a finished top at the end of it.

5- Full-Sized quilt for Isaac: Like project number four, this is still in planning stages. At least for this one, I know it’s going to be black, white, and grey.

6- Rifle Alice quilt: This will be made with Rifle Paper Company’s Alice in Wonderland fabric and the Shimmer pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I have two blocks made and want to have a finished top.

7- Riley Blake Alice quilt: Another Alice quilt with only two blocks made. I’m using the 2020 Quilter’s Planner Sampler pattern for this one and a bundle built around the Wonderland fabric collection from Riley Blake.

8- The Quilter’s Planner 2019 BOM Snowflake layout: A top that needs to be finished up.

9- Mom Vintage Apron: Not a quilt, but a project my mom asked me to do years ago. Making an apron out of a vintage table cloth that belonged to my grandmother. I think I’ve been avoiding this one because I’m scared to mess it up.

10- Fall Berry Season quilt: currently just a couple of layer cakes that I plan to make into a quilt. Not sure of a pattern yet, but hope to have a finished top at the end of the month.

11- 16-patch scrappy quilt: I have several 16-patch scrappy blocks that I’ve made over the years and would like to make some more and assemble a quilt. Not sure what size I’ll end up with, but it’ll probably depend on how busy that month is!

12- Low-Volume Blue log cabin- This is a charity quilt that has been lingering for much too long. The blocks are mostly done and it just needs to get finished and get out into the world. I would like to have it completely finished by the end of its month.

And of course I have some over-achiever projects too. There are five spots for those projects, and all of them are By our Side quilts for my best friends. I’ve been re-writing the pattern to adapt it for teaching classes, so it’s the perfect time to get these made.

So there you have it. I’ll be sharing more about my progress on January’s project early next month.

Happy Sewing, ~L