July UFO Challenge

Hi friends! As promised, today I’m sharing a little bit about My July UFO Challenge project: Isaac’s Downstream quilt

This project was one of two on my list that I didn’t have a plan for the design- just the recipient. here’s is what I had to say then:

5- Full-Sized quilt for Isaac: Like project number four, this is still in planning stages. At least for this one, I know it’s going to be black, white, and grey.

My eldest son is very much a computer nerd. He loves drones and 3D printers and all things techie, and has always liked the combo of black and white. He loves the last quilt I made for him, which you can see here, but it just isn’t big enough for him anymore now that he’s grown.

Around the time I was setting aside fabrics for this quilt, Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl released her Downstream Digital Quilt Pattern. It looked like just the thing he’d like, and the inspiration behind the quilt really hit home because, although he’s a tech nerd, my son is also very much a Pacific Northwest outdoorsman.

I chose the twin size, and realized quickly that although he wanted a scrappy quilt and I could shop from my stash, I just did NOT have enough black, white and grey in my stash for this thing!

I’ve been ordering fabric online a lot more now that 1. I don’t work at a fabric shop anymore. 2. Coronavirus has reduced many store’s hours and kept me home. But for this, I was in the groove and I didn’t want to wait for fabric in the mail. I went to both Hobby Lobby and a fabric shop in my town and found what I needed to complete this quilt.

Scrappy quilts can sometimes yield fun surprises. I was really happy when I sewed these two blocks together- I think that the contrast of the stripe going in to different directions as they make this point is a really cool detail!

Yvonne made this pattern so easy to follow; it’s a very quick finish! For assembly, I numbered my rows and was careful to follow her assembly diagram as I sewed.

I love the way this turned out, and even better- so does Isaac! There are some rather large triangle pairs left over which I have stored away in my closet to (eventually) make a baby quilt for his first child so they can have coordinating quilts!

This quilt top has joined the quickly-growing stack of tops for me to finish this winter.

Happy Sewing! ~Lorinda


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