Princess Day

Last week, I hosted the daughters of two of my closest friends. I had promised one of the girls a ‘princess day’ months ago, and then when she heard Auntie ‘Rinna had a trampoline- well, she just couldn’t wait to have that special day!

So, instead of doing my usual procrastinating while trying to plan the perfect Princess Party, I set a date with the moms and decided to just chill out a bit and fly by the seat of my pants. My daughter and I were at Hobby Lobby and saw a ‘make your own crown’ craft pack, but other than that and some “Princess Pizza”, we didn’t make any purchases for the party.


Though our princesses came in beautiful dresses, we all needed new crowns, so our first order of business was to eat some pizza and make crowns. Then, of course, came some trampoline jumping followed by flower picking and cupcake decorating. The cupcakes had been baked the night before, so all our princesses needed to do was frost, decorate, and eat! And they were also very kind (as princesses should be) and made some for their families.

DSC_0281DSC_0486DSC_0520 (2)DSC_0525

After cupcakes, we needed more trampoline time, and everyone took turns showing off their best tricks while the others cheered them on. By then, it was time for a rest, so we used quilts, sheets, throw pillows, and spare lace to make a ‘house’ on the side porch. We took turns snuggling Porkchop the rabbit while I told them how they are princesses because we are all daughters of the King of the universe.


After that little break, the girls were ready for -you guessed it- one more turn on the trampoline! We finished up the adventure part of our day (because princesses were MADE for adventure!) with a little walk in the forest. Two of my princesses were lucky enough to come around a corner and happen upon a deer. I think it made their day, even if she ran off right away.


By that time, I was pretty worn out- five excited princesses can do that to a girl! So they finished off our day by snuggling on the couch together and watching a movie while I tidied up the kitchen.

I am fully aware that this was not a Pinterest-worthy party. But my sweet girls don’t care about Pinterest. They care that Auntie let them come over to play, that they got to dress up, that they saw a deer in the forest…. Those are the things that matter.

In quilting, don’t we always say “Done is better than perfect”? I’m pretty sure that applies to parties as well as quilts!  So, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something fun FOR THE FUN OF IT… doesn’t have to look great, doesn’t have to go on your Instagram… just go out TODAY and have your adventure!

Happy adventuring, ~L


    1. Aww- thank you Janice! That fort was totally on a whim… we all just decided to run inside and gather everything we could to make it. And then we just dragged over the flower pots! I miss having littles, so borrowing some for a few hours was great!


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