What’s Up Wednesday

Hi friends!

If I’m super honest, the answer to “What’s up?” this week is “Not much sewing!”

It’s a lot of this:

and this:


My house goes on the market in a couple of weeks, so in preparation, I’ve been doing a LOT of repairing, painting, and cleaning.

It’s tedious and I’m sick of it, but at the same time, I get to pick cabinets and paint colors for the new place, and watch it progress through the stages of becoming our home…. so it’s worth having to do some work on our current house!

Speaking of the new place, take a look at the view out the window of my new studio! I love seeing those trees, and am curious how the new view might effect my work. My guess is you’ll see a lot more green in future projects!

I did manage to get a little weaving done this week. I’m excited about this triaxial weave… can’t wait to see the third color going in.

That’s about it- my pressing board is still in a nasty state. I’ll get it done eventually… maybe! Lol

I hope you all are getting more sewing done than I am. I’d love to live vicariously through you- let me know in the comments what you’ve been working on!

Happy Sewing, ~L


One comment

  1. Housework can definitely feel like it drags on, especially when you want to spiff things up for a sale. I sure hope that your home does well on the market after all the hard work you are putting into it. I’m starting a hand sewing project today (the RinAlong) so I don’t expect to be making blazing progress, but I’m looking forward to trying and learning something new.

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