Weekend Finishes

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you all had a good weekend and a productive start to your week.

I was able to knock two WIPs off my list this weekend, which felt great!


First off was this super simple jelly-roll baby quilt. I whipped up this top months ago for a friend and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. It was about time I quilted it up!

I recently purchased Christa Watson’s Craftsy class (non-affiliate link) and wanted to practice lesson one: wavy lines with a walking foot. I’ve quilted with a similar motif before on my AGF Denim Market quilt, but Christa shared some nice tips that really helped me out.

I found this quilting design really relaxing!


My second finish was my Christmas quilt. I first talked about it in December, and really wanted it done before Christmas, but there just wasn’t time for it.


I used the same wavy line motif for this one, but the quilting is a little more dense and the batting a bit thicker. It really gives this quilt a different look than the baby quilt.


I used this adorable Bonnie and Camille scallop fabric for the binding. I love the tiny bit of contrast the coral/pink gives against the red and white of the quilt. file_001


I did machine binding for both of these quilts. I love hand binding, but I really have been wanting to practice my machine binding skills. I’m thinking that from now on I’ll probably machine bind quilts for kids and babies because of the amount of washing they get. And the fact that it goes so quickly is a really great bonus!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Happy Sewing! ~L





  1. Oh, lovely finishes! The difference in the two is really interesting, and it’s great you were able to immediately put the class into practice and see that her tips helped. 🙂

    I have never had a quilt that I hand bind come apart at the hand stitching, no matter the use or washing or wear and tear. The binding is always the first thing that wears through for me, but on the edges and not my stitching, so I just don’t understand the machine vs. hand binding argument. However, I *totally* machine bind baby quilts and small items for fast and satisfying finishes and I am a firm believer in learning / trying / mastering techniques as and where appropriate. Now I feel like I’m rambling; sorry!


    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I have had some hand bindings come apart, but they were early quilts and I hadn’t learned yet the importance of decent thread. I will say that getting a binding done in one sitting is pretty amazing and is definitely a factor in wanting to do baby quilts by machine. Conversely, hand binding is so relaxing to me. I might go back and forth on this debate for a while in my own head!


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