Quilt Theory Goes to Market!

Quilt Market and Quilt Festival are upon us, and although I can’t be in Houston, I’m happy to say that Quilt Theory will be well represented!

If you’re lucky enough to be at Market this weekend, you’ll get the chance to see the Quilt Theory quilts and meet some of our lovely designers!


So, here’s where all the fun is happening:

First off, one of our amazing designers, Stephanie Palmer will be participating in a schoolhouse session with Christa Watson and Leah Day on book publishing. If you have any interest in writing a book or just want to hear some great folks speak, definitely check them out on tomorrow (Friday) at 4:55pm.


Our fearless leader, Michelle Bartholomew, will be joining in the fun on Saturday & Sunday. She’ll be walking around the convention center, taking photos, and hopefully saying hi to you!!  She have some exclusive quilty postcards to hand out too (I love them!). Make sure to find that girl, say hi, and take a few postcards to mail to your friends back home… or send one to me! 🙂

And even though all our designers can’t be there, all seven Quilt Theory quilts will be in Houston this weekend!

Scrappy Geese (pictured with Michelle, above), will be in the Michael Miller Fabrics area.

Tiled Parquet, Ocean Path, and Strip It Down will be in the Checker Distributor’s area along with all of our patterns.


To see the remaining quilt theory quilts, you can visit Stephanie’s Quilter’s Planner booth at Quilt Festival. (If you’ve been following me for any length on time, you know how I love my Quilter’s Planner!)quilt-festival-booth

 Yvonne Fuchs, another one of our wonderful designers, will be joining Stephanie in her booth and will have Quilt Theory patterns available for sale. They’ll have Jelly Lanterns, Cross Cabins, & my quilt, Highland Tile, on display.quilt-festival-quilts

You have my permission to give my quilt a little pet for me… tell her I say hello!

I’m fighting a cold, so I’ll be spending my Market weekend in bed coloring our Quilt Theory coloring pages. You can get the pages yourself when you order the Pattern Collectors Package.

If you’re hanging at home like me, you can keep up-to-date on all the Quilt Theory Market fun on Instagram @quilt.theory, or read the recap after Market on the Quilt Theory blog.

Happy Sewing, ~L


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