Your Highland Tile designs and Giveaway Winner!

Hi all!  I had so much fun reading your comments on the giveaway last week about what colors you would choose when making the Highland Tile quilt that I decided to do some digital ‘sewing’ and make some images for you of what your quilts might look like.

You all had such great ideas, it was hard to choose just a few of them.  I could play around your color suggestions all day!

Don’t forget that if you buy the Quilt Theory Pattern Collector’s Package, you will not only get all the patterns, but also the PDF coloring pages of all the quilts. You will be able to print them out and color to your heart’s content!


And here are some of the colorways I came up with. You can tell I’m really loving blues lately!

Now on to the business at hand! Congratulations to Beth, the winner of the Highland Tile pattern, Quilt Theory Coloring Page PDFs, and Kona Half-yard bundle.

There should be an email from me in your inbox, Beth!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret!


The Highland Tile pattern is only $3 and can be purchased on the Quilt Theory website along with all the other amazing Quilt Theory patterns.

Let’s take one more look at all the beautiful Quilt Theory patterns, shall we?


You can visit the Quilt Theory website to buy any of these patterns individually, or just get them all (with coloring pages!) for 19.99. Also, you can let your LQS know that you want them to stock Quilt Theory patterns!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog hop and giveaways. It’s been a fun couple of weeks for all of us at Quilt Theory! Thanks for the outpouring of encouragement and support.
Happy Sewing, ~L

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