Color Play Friday: “Burst Your Stash” Giveaway

If you’re new here, welcome!  We have a fun Color Play Friday giveaway for you today!


But what is Color Play Friday, you ask?


Every Friday,  Trina at In an Otter Life and I host a weekly challenge open to all our blogger friends. Every game needs rules, so here are ours:

  1. Each week, Trina or I will select a picture from our joint Pinterest board. These are all pictures that one of us has taken on our adventures.
  2. We each create a palette using colors from that picture
  3. We then create a bundle of 5-8 fabrics that is inspired by that palette. They don’t have to be an exact match to our palette, and we can throw in contrasting or accent colors, but the bundle should look inspired by the palette.
  4. We don’t see anyone else’s palette or bundle before we both post on Friday.
  5. That’s it! It’s always so fun to see what everyone comes up with.

It’s a great way to challenge ourselves, grow our color knowledge, and work with color combinations we never would have considered otherwise.


You can go to my Color Play Friday page for past bundles of mine or search #colorplayfriday on social media to see bundles from several of our participants.

We have an amazing group of ladies participating with us each week; be sure to check out the links to their blogs later in this post.  Would you like to play along? Let us know by emailing


On to the giveaway!!

This week, Stash Fabrics is sponsoring a “Burst Your Stash” giveaway of both my and Trina’s bundles.  We will have two winners- one winner gets my bundle and the other Trina’s. How fun!

This giveaway will be open for entries until Wednesday, March 23 at 9pm Pacific Time. Winners will be contacted on March 24th and announced during next week’s Color Play Friday.

To enter, you must be subscribed to both the Color Play Friday monthly newsletter and Stash Fabric’s newsletter. When you subscribe, make sure you respond to the confirmation email you receive. Otherwise you won’t show up on our lists!

If you are a Color Play participant, don’t fret- you are eligible to win as well!

The Color Play Friday newsletter comes out on the last Friday of each month and contains a recap of the month’s palettes and bundles from Trina and I, news and updates from each of our blogs, and links to that month’s participants. From time to time, you will also get a bonus mailing letting you know about special events or giveaways, but we will keep that to a minimum.

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Stash Fabric’s newsletter is a great way to stay up-to-date on all their newest fabrics and what’s on sale. When you subscribe, you are also entered into their monthly fabric giveaway.

Stash button


 If you simply must have my or Trina’s bundles (or both!), you don’t have to wait to win one!  Stash fabrics has graciously offered a small number of  these bundles available for sale.  You can find them at the following links:

Laurel, Poppy and Pine Burst Your Stash Bundle

In an Otter Life Burst Your Stash Bundle

Burst Your Stash Completely Bundle

Whew!  Now that all the giveaway fun is taken care of, let’s get to playing with color!  This photo is one of mine, taken in a moment of giddy joy. I had bought myself a bag of Starbursts for my studio and when I poured them in the bowl, I realized I had bought a bag of FavReds. All red and pink Starbursts-  I was one happy girl! It’s the little things.

So, like any self-respecting blogger, I took a photo for Instagram! lol

When picking my palette, I knew I had a lot of colors I could work with in the beautiful carnival glass dish. There was also the gray and taupe tones of the background. But, really, all I wanted to do was play with the glorious pinks, purples and reds of the candy packaging.  So, I went for it with a palette ranging from red-violet to coral.

Starburst Palette and Bundle


While picking fabrics, I set a rule for myself that the fabrics couldn’t contain any colors not in the palette. I didn’t want anything distracting from the color scheme I had chosen. On the other hand, I didn’t just want a bundle of blender fabrics! Fortunately, Lizzy House, Sarah Jane and Tula Pink all had great prints with several of my colors in them. It was like my quilty stars had aligned!

Here are the fabrics I chose:

Lizzy House, Butterflies in Fruit Punch

Sarah Jane, Wee Wander, Summer Night Lights in Magenta

Alison Glass, Sun Prints 2016, Grow in Salmon

Karen Lewis, Blueberry Park, Kite Tails in Melon

Tula Pink, Eden, Mosaic in Magenta

Lizzy House, The Lovely Hunt, Flower Carpet in Fuchsia

A note about scale:

  • While I believe scale is a very important part of fabric selection, the fabrics shown in my Color Play images are not always perfectly to scale. I do my best, by you should always double check scale before ordering!

Don’t forget to head over to the other blogs and see what they came up with! The fun of Color Play Friday is seeing the differences and similarities between everyone’s bundles.

Participants this week:

Laurel and Pine (that’s me!)

In An Otter Life

Quilting Mayhem

Sarah Goer Quilts

Quilty Dream

Shimmy and More

Sew Not Perfect

Love Hazel Honey

123 Quilt

Next week’s photo is one of Trina’s. It can be found here.


Are you enjoying Color Play Friday? We’d love for you to get in on the fun and create your own Color Play post! You can create a bundle of fabric, select yarns or embroidery threads, or create a project inspired by our photo. Be sure to let Trina or I know so we can link up to you. You can get in contact with us at

I hope you can join us next week!

Happy Sewing, ~L


  1. Great bundle, Lorinda. I love the way you are able to take so many colors, even so close together, and put together a beautiful collection. I had that same Tula Mosaic print in a different colorway in my bundle, but ended up going a different way. I was sad to see it go! Thanks for the giveaway, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic bundle! I love that you focused on the Starburst colors. It was a blast playing along with you ans the other CPF ladies this week!


  3. I love how your palette matches the yummy starburst perfectly. We picked one of the same too, I was going to pick that first one you have with the butterflies but ended up finding some else. Yummy palette and bundle you have there.


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