Color Play Friday: Pike Place Market

Welcome to Color Play Friday, friends!

More about Color Play Friday:

Trina from In An Otter Life and I created Color Play Friday one day after a nice trip to the fabric store together.

 Here are the rules:

  1. Each week, Trina or I will select a picture from our joint Pinterest board. These are all pictures that one of us has taken on our adventures.
  2. We each create a palette using colors from that picture
  3. We then create a bundle of 5-8 fabrics that is inspired by that palette. They don’t have to be an exact match to our palette, and we can throw in contrasting or accent colors, but the bundle should look inspired by the palette.
  4. We don’t see anyone else’s palette or bundle before we post on Friday.
  5. That’s it! It’s going to be so fun to see what we each come up with.

This weeks photo is from Trina.  I chose it because I love the vivid blues and greens. Although this one does look color edited, we really do get to see those beautiful blue and greens all the time in the Northwest, particularly in the summer!

This photo also happens to be taken right in the area where one of my most embarrassing moments occurred. I shared it on Periscope yesterday. If you missed it, you can see it on my Katch account. 

Pike Place Market Palette and Bundle

This weeks bundle is a tribute to the Northwest with whales, starry skies and raindrops, of course!

Here are the fabrics I chose:

Ann Kelle, Remix, Ovals in Navy

Micheal Miller House Designers, Pitter Patter, Starry in Starlight

Lizzy House Natural History, Giants of the Deep in Blue  (I have been waiting weeks to be able to use this fabric!)

Ann Kelle, Remix, Triangles in Royal

Micheal Miller House Designers, Pitter Patter, Drip Dot in Fresh 

Ann Kelle, Remix, Plus Signs in Tangerine

I surprised myself this week because I only chose fabrics from three separate lines. I usually like to mix it up a bit more, and I had a lot of other potential fabrics from other lines, but these were the ones I loved the most and that flowed the best with what I wanted to convey about the Northwest.

A note about scale:

  • While I believe scale is a very important part of fabric selection, the fabrics shown in my Color Play images are not always perfectly to scale. I do my best, by you should always double check scale before ordering!

Don’t forget to head over to In an Otter Life to see what Trina came up with and to Shimmy and More to see Steph’s bundle!

You can also head over to my Color Play Friday page to see my palettes and bundles from previous weeks.

Next week’s photo is from me and was taken at a carnival in my hometown.


Are you enjoying Color Play Friday? We’d love for you to get in on the fun and create your own Color Play post! You can create a bundle of fabric, select yarns or embroidery threads, or create a project inspired by our photo. Be sure to let Trina or I know so we can link up to you. You can get in contact with me via email, or by tagging me on Instagram.  

I hope you can join us next week!

Happy Sewing, ~L


  1. I love your blue focus and then pow with orange (one might think you were and Auburn fan, lol). I like the tonal feel of the palette and how it then pulled in the green and orange. i agree the whales are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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