Color Play: June 11, 2015

Welcome to the first-ever Color Play post! I’m so excited to start this weekly series. My goal is to show you how to turn the colors surrounding you every day into inspiration for your next project.

Each week, I’ll be taking photos of the interesting things around me and turning each photo into a palette in my sketch pad. I’ll then use one of those palettes to pull bundles from my stash. It’s amazing to see fabrics combined that you never would have thought to put together.

So let’s get started!

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers Palette

Last week I turned 36. These flowers were sitting on my front porch early in the morning on the day after my birthday…. a gift from one of my best friends. Since then, they have been filling my whole house with their yummy scent!

Sunset Drive Sunset Drive Palette

Saturday was a gorgeous day here in the PNW. Unfortunately, I had to spend a lot of it inside. In the evening, my husband and I thought a family trip to Dairy Queen was in order. This photo was taken as we drove through some farmland on the way.

Sunday Morning in June Palette

The last palette has no photo. It was inspired by the colors people were wearing at my church on Sunday morning, but I didn’t want to be snapping photos of the congregation! There were a lot of teals (including 3/5 of my own family), some pinks and corals and a little bit of yellows and greens too. I chose this palette to recreate as fabric bundles because the colors were too fun to pass up!

Here are the fabric bundles I pulled that were inspired by the Sunday Morning palette.

Sunday Morning Bundle 2

First we have a group of midtones with very geometric prints. I don’t LOVE it, but I do like that orange with those teals.

Sunday Morning Bundle 3

For this one, I took just the lightest shades. It screams baby blanket to me!

Sunday Morning Bundle 1 Sunday Morning Bundle 4

I really loved these last two. They best represent what I was seeing on Sunday morning. And I would never have thought to make those combinations without having done this exercise. I encourage you to try it out yourself!


  1. What a cool idea to take pictures and pull fabrics for inspiration. I love this part of starting a quilt. And even if I do not make as many projects as I pull fabric combinations I still will be enjoying my hobby.


    1. Thanks, Diane! I could never make projects for all the different bundles I pull either! I have my stash on shelving where I can see it, and I’ll sometimes just stop as I walk by and practice pulling out fabric bundles. If I find something I totally love, then I’ll keep the bundle intact and plan a project. But mostly it all just goes back. It’s great practice!


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