Baby Silas: Quilt 1

As you’ve heard me mention, my niece is expecting her first baby this summer. Of course, I was thrilled to start making quilts for the next generation of our family.

This adorable tractor can be found in Lori Holt’s book Farm Girl Vintage.

LPP- Silas' Tractor Basting

I must admit, this quilt is not my niece’s theme nor style… but I did have a reason behind the design.

You may remember that last Christmas I gave each of my parents a quilt.

This tractor was featured in my mom’s quilt, so I thought it would be fun to give her first great-grandchild a coordinating tractor.  And it’s made with scraps from my mom’s quilt!

LPP-Silas' Tractor Quilting

I bound baby Silas’ tractor quilt in leftover yardage from my dad’s quilt. This fabric was in the top, backing and binding of my dad’s Shimmer Quilt.

LPP- Silas' Tractor



Happy Sewing, ~L



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  1. What a cute way to make that special family connection. I know that I love to look at my own scrappy bed quilt and know that a certain fabric is connected to the quilts that I have made for family or the fabric that came from my friends and family. It makes the quilt personal and extra important! Love it.


  2. This is lovely Lorinda. I have to say that I wouldn’t class myself as a tractor girl but I really like this and what a great quilt for a little boy. Will have to remember that when babies come along in our extended family!


  3. What a great legacy you are passing on to the next generation of your family. The fact that the fabric has been used in other quilts in the family makes it so special. I’m sure you are going to include that information on the label.


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