Color Play Friday: Jellyfish

Yikes! My week has been flying by, and here we are to Friday already! I have to admit that I completely forgot to choose my palette until late Thursday night when Trina texted me asking what my picture choice was for next week. I was going to go to bed and just do this in the morning, but then the creative juices started flowing and I had to get it done!

If you’re new here, check out my Color Play Friday page to see the rules and the palettes and bundles from previous weeks. And don’t forget to check out Trina’s  and Steph’s pages to see their fabric choices. Getting to see what Trina (and now Steph since she’s joined us!) picked has become my favorite part of Friday morning (or very, very late on Thursday night!)

Jellyfish Palette and Bundle

I took this photo at Mukilteo beach in Washington. My aunt was visiting from Minnesota and our family was taking her to all the touristy places in our area. Mukilteo is a great place to watch the ferries come in and out, climb on driftwood, and watch for seals and (if you’re really lucky) whales. I took this photo a little before sunset, and the sideways light really lit up the jellyfish and made it shine.

Here are the links to this week’s fabrics:

Suite 1500, Bombay, Elephant Damask in Black

Angela Walters, Athena, Aurora Medallions in Bronze

Makower UK, Sophia, Mini Triangles in Teal

Makower UK, Ahoy, Solid in Light Blue

Bari J, Splendor, Knotted Trellis in Gold

Jo Morton Woodlands Blue Feather Stripe

Lizzy House, Mini Pearl Bracelets in White

Art Gallery Fabrics, Prisma Elements in Dusk Zircon

If you’d like to join the party for next week, here is our photo:


You can find all the Color Play Friday photos on Trina and my shared Pinterest Board.

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